MacMoo Mug

Bone China Mug featuring our beloved MacMoo and some tea drinking friends

Perfect for any hot drink. Don’t forget to eat some Island Bakery biscuits to enhance the experience!


Our new mugs are made from fine bone china which makes tea taste its absolute best. It’s also great for other drinks you might fancy from coffee, hot chocolate, peppermint tea, or even a nice Lemsip when you are feeling a little under par. The mug features the Island Bakery logo starring our famous Highland Coo, MacMoo, on one side and two sweet little tea-drinking birds who you may have spotted on our Apple Crumble packs. Inside the mug there’s another mini MacMoo who will be floating on her island on top of your drink when it’s filled to the right level. Keep drinking to leave her high and dry.

The capacity of the mug is 330ml or 11fl oz, and it measures 105mm x 75mm.

We have eco friendly cardboard mug boxes to mail them out to you in. These will protect your mug without using polystyrene or plastic.

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