Our Team

Island Bakery would be nothing without its fabulous team. There are about 30 of us working hard to bring Mull’s best biscuits to you. Everyone plays an essential part in ensuring a steady supply of biscuits from Tobermory to the world!

  • Joe Reade (Taster-in-Chief)

    Joe moved to Mull from Somerset with his family at the tender age of 12. When he isn’t making sure that the biscuits are baking nicely, he likes nothing more than going on an ‘adventure’, either on his bike, or out on a rickety boat. You may also recognise him as the inspiration for the Pilsbury Dough Boy, and if you poke him in the tummy he lets out an involuntary giggle.

  • Dawn Reade

    Dawn grew up in Belfast, and bumped into Joe in Edinburgh where they were students. She allowed Joe to talk her into coming back to Mull with him to start the bakery, because she really likes cake. She looks after the bakery’s social media and marketing, as well as packaging design and generally making things look nice. She has the sort of Belfast accent that infers 'don't mess with me', and therefore we all behave in her presence.

  • Cathy Mellor

    Cathy came to know Mull as a regular visitor for the annual Tour of Mull Car Rally that brings hundreds of visitors to drive noisy cars around the island every October. As well as knowing her Subarus from her Mini Coopers, she is also our Technical Manager, which means she has to eat biscuits every day to check they are as tasty as they should be.

  • Fiona Aitali

    Fiona is the only person in the business who actually has official baking qualifications and is therefore responsible for many things, including the development of tasty new biccies. She is also our longest-standing employee, having started with us in 1994 making amazing cakes and baking tasty bread.

  • Kay Neave

    Kay is our Operations Manager. She has come to Mull to be a biscuiteer after many years making jam in Arbroath. Before that she was one fifth of a successful all-girl popular music act, but found that what she really really wanted was a nice cup of tea and a sit down with a biscuit.

  • Lynn Peden

    Lynn is Dawn’s little sister. She uses her big brain to keep the bakery accounts running, and act as back-up memory bank to Joe's brain. Lynn is also an adventurer, having been known on one occasion to venture as far as Lochdon. She is currently fund raising for an expedition to Iona, but first needs to establish a base camp in Fionnphort with ample gin supplies.

  • Robert Crumlish

    Robert is a very talented singer, and performs at home and away. He likes to share his talents with us. All. The. Time. Robert also runs a mobile roller-disco in his free time, and has a prized collection of tartan socks that he keeps in his dressing-up drawer.

  • Doug Hain

    Doug lives far far away in distant England, bereft of both haggis and heather. Doug is our 'man on the mainland', Commercial Manager, and biscuit ambassador. If he knocks on your door with an extension lead in his hand, don't be alarmed. He probably wants to swap a box of Oat Crumbles for some electrons for his electric car.

  • Tom McGuire

    Tom is our Engineer, and keeps all our machines ticking over. When he's not stripping down a mixer he likes nothing more than to float on his back in Tobermory bay cracking open molluscs that he balances on his little round belly and hits with a stone. He brings a fresh one-liner to work every day, that he deploys to distract attention from his bright ginger hair.

  • Paul Peden

    Keeping things in the family, Paul is Lynn’s husband, and our delivery driver. Before taking up biscuit delivery, Paul had a successful career as a stage hypnotist that ended in unfortunate circumstances and a protracted legal battle with a lady from Dundee who can no longer eat anything apart from Marmalade.

  • Boris and Lore

    Boris and Lore arrived together at The Island Bakery, and must get on pretty well because despite spending almost every waking moment together both inside and outside work, they ended up getting married. Boris is distinguished by having the tidiest beard in the factory, which he rents out to Robert when he sings in the local pub doing Bee Gees numbers.

  • John Norman

    John is our dedicated warehouse wrangler and forklift racer. A man of few words (except when conscious), he can be hired in the evenings to put babies to sleep, and is happy to have any cold-calls from double glazing or electricity salespeople diverted to his mobile for a lengthy chat. His phone number is 0755 555 555.

With thanks to Richard Kellett photography www.richardkellettphotography.com