Organic and Sustainable

First and foremost it is Island Bakery’s mission to make biscuits that taste brilliant! Whilst you may have appreciated their deliciousness, it may have escaped your notice that our biscuits are organic. We hope not.

It was our choice to become an organic business. Organic standards ensure that all of our ingredients have been produced on land that is free from pesticides or artificial fertilizers. This is good for the ecosystems on and around the farms that have grown the wheat for the flour, or where the cows whose milk makes the butter have grazed. We can be assured that those cows will enjoy the highest standards of animal welfare. Every ingredient in our biscuits is fully traceable back to the producer.

Recent studies have shown that organic foods have much higher levels of antioxidants and other good nutrients than conventional crops, and none of the chemicals which are routinely applied to them.

Choosing Island Bakery biscuits also offers you assurance that the food you eat will contain

  • no GMOs
  • no preservatives
  • no artificial colours or flavours
  • no palm oil

Being organic is only part of the picture for us. Our new factory building is powered entirely with local sources of renewable energy. Electricity for the building is generated both by a hydro-electric turbine on the neighbouring Tobermory river, and a single wind turbine set on a hill above the bakery. Our unique ovens are heated using local wood chip from Mull’s abundant timber plantations. This is not only environmentally sustainable but the gentle heat gives the biscuits a slow, perfect bake.

We are not claiming that biscuits are a health food, but if you want to enjoy something sweet, it might as well be the best. We do our best for the environment, so you can enjoy our biscuits without feeling too guilty about it.